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Period panties PDF pattern and materials

Sew your own ecological and reusable period panties!  These are a great alternative to traditional disposable tampons and pads. If you make the gusset using a good absorbent fabric, they will give you an extra protection against  leakage and keep your skin dry.  You can also use your reusable period panties as an addition to a moon cup or reusable pads. 

Instructions for printing and assembling a downloadable PDF sewing pattern of VeNove period panties.

Period panties sewing pattern available in the VeNove store!

How to print and assemble PDF patterns

The PDF pattern is a downloadable digital sewing pattern that you can print out on your regular home printer for A4 sheets. The PDF pattern you purchased will be emailed to you immediately after the purchase. The email includes z zip-file (.zip) with the patterns and istructions. Save the file to your computer and open it using for example Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Printing the pattern: Open the PDF-file andd press Print. Print the PDF pattern in full size (Actual size / Scale 100%). On the first page of each pattern version (gusset pattern) there is a 10x10 cm test square. Please. print this page first and measure the test squre to make sure the scale of the print is correct before printing the remaining pages.

Assembling the pattern pieces:

VeNove period panties pattern pieces fit to one or two A4-sheets. To unite the pattern sheets cut the one with scissors symbol along the dotted line and align it to the second sheet along the bold line. Then tape the sheets together. You can cut the pattern pieces directly from the print or you may trace it on pattern paper. 



Seam allowance

Patterns include seam allowance. The main seam allowance is 7 mm - that's usually the width of the serger seam.  There is no seam allowance on center front and back (on fold-line). Seam allowance on leg holes and waist is zero. You may adjust the seam allowance according to your project.


To choose the correct size measure your body at the wist line and the hips line. Then choose the correct size from the table below. VeNove period panties pattern is available in three versions (mini, regular, maxi) and in 11 sizes (32-52). For a better visability I didn't put all of the sizes in one file. You get two separated files - one with sizes 32-42 and another with sizes 42-52. Also the waist line of panties in sizes 42-52 is slightly higher. You will print half of the pattern and cut the pieces on fold from the fabric.


The period panties pattern consists of three parts: front, back and gusset. The main fabric for the panties should be stretchy, you can use cotton or bamboo jersey. You can also sew your period panties using your old T-shirt. 

The gusset consists of three layers:

1. The moisture wicking layer  should draw away the moisture from the skin to the other layers. 

Moisture wicking fabrics: Coolmax, bamboo, microfleece

2. The absorbent layer absorbs the liquid. 

Absorbaent fabrics: Zorb™ fabrics, terry towelling fabric, flannel

3. The waterproof layer is used to keep wetness in and prevent leaks. 

Waterproof fabrics: PUL fabric, laminated fabrics.  

Other sewing supplies: sewing thread, round point needle, fold over elastic, elastic lace.

Find a Period panties gusset making kit in my store!



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