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How to find the right maternity clothing size?

Sizes may vary not only between brands but also within the same brand depending for example on the style and fit of the garment.

When shopping for VeNove maternity wear, you should look for the size you would normally use before your pregnancy. However, there is a very important change I made to the usual sizing to make enough room not only for the growing belly but also for the growing breasts (in the pregnancy and after). That’s why VeNove size table varies from the standard charts used by fashion producers and many pattern makers. For example the medium (M)  size the breast circumference is 92-96 while in the standardly used tables that’s the number for the size large (or European 42). This change in our patters allows you to use your normal  pre-pregnancy clothing size. The difference of circumferences between sizes is 6 cm and the standard heigh is around 170 cm.