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The best A-line wrap dress from VeNove collection


This is my favourite dress so far.  I love everything about it – it has a very flattering shape, it’s comfortable and very functional. I think an A-line dress is one of the most flattering designs.

A wrap dress is always a great choice  for styling the bump. It can adjust perfectly as your belly grows, giving you a beautiful silhouette and a comfortable fit. The wrap top shapes a flattering V-neckline creating  a perfect balance to the whole silhouette.  What is more, wrap dresses are a perfect choice for comfortable breastfeeding. 

Watch this video to see how the breastfeeding panel works!


As in other VeNove designs, there are some details in this dress that make it unique and ideal as a pregnancy and nursing dress. 

The front part consists of two layers. The upper layer is a wrap top with a long belt – you may  tie it the way which works best for you, adjusting it to your body shapes.

Under this wrap layer there is a front panel of the dress. The front is slightly longer than the back – this way it will look proportional and not become too short as the belly grows.  The under layer of the top allows a discreet nursing access and protects your breasts. 
The inverted triangle shape of the dress creates more volume on the bottom thanks to the wider skirt, thus balancing the upper part of the body and highlighting the waist. There’s another great thing about this shape – the fuller skirt automatically creates more space for the growing belly in the pregnancy.
There is no waist seam in this dress – for even more comfort and a better fit throughout the pregnancy. This is because a woman’s body changes in pregnancy and so does the place of her waist line. The front of this dress is made out of one piece and you can beautifully emphasize your waist with the belt panel, just the way it works best for you. 


This dress has pockets – that’s another tiny detail that makes it more comfortable and functional. And there is no zipper, so the dress is super easy and comfortable to wear.

This wrap dress is available in three colours – in blue, black and magenta. I was experimenting a bit with fabrics when creating these dresses. 

The first blue pieces and magenta dresses were made out of viscose/elastane jersey. Then the first black dresses were made out of cotton/elastane jersey. The change of the fabric did influence the outlook of the dress in some ways. The first blue and magenta dresses draped more beautifully and they felt lighter. Then I used the cotton jersey/elastane  in the black dress. The fabric was a bit thicker and that’s why I decided to cut it diagonally to get the same draped effected.   I am still on my way to find the best fabric for this design, so stay tuned – I will be experimenting with different types of jersey and adding more colours to the collection.

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