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Cover of the PDF pattern file with wrap dress. In the middle a technical picture of the front and back of the wrap dress. Title Wrapdress in Finnish language on the top, description PDF pattern, sizes 32-56.. printing format A4/US letter/A0
Size table for the height of 168 cm or 5 feet 6 inches. In the upper row of the table sizees from 32 to 56,  in the next rows bust circumference, underbust circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference and back lenght.
Picture of a black wrap dress with big floral print in red, blue, green and yellow. Model has hands in the side pockets. No head, just the dress.
Blonde hair model in a light blue wrap dress with a small print. Model is standing in a garden under an apple tree.
Wrap dress in colorful print shown on a mannequin. On the right picture front of the dress, on the left picture back of the dress.
Wrap dress in olive colour on a live model. No head or legs, just the dress. Model has hands in the side seam pockets. Model is standing next to a tree, back ground is yellow because of fallen autumn leaves.
Wrap dress on a model. Red background with fallen autumn leaves.
Pictures showing the description to the sewing pattern. This is a chapter on how to sew shoulder pleats in the wrap dress. Text in English illustrated with technical pictures.
Picture showing the printing layout of the sewing pattern in 13 sizes, from size 32 to size 56. On the right side of the picture the front pattern, on the left side the left pattern and belts. Sizes marked with different colours.
Capture of the sewing pattern in A4 printing format, showing how to put the paper sheets together.

Wrap dress | sizes 32-56| For knit fabrics | PDF pattern |

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Make your own beautiful wrap dress! 

This is a digital multi-sized dress pattern designed for knit fabrics. It's drafted for 13 sizes (32-56, please check the measurement chart).

This dress has a V-shaped neckline, short kimono sleeves and shoulder pleats to beautifully shape your silhouette. And of course it has pockets!

This pattern is designed for stretchy knitted fabrics (for example viscose/cotton elastane jersey). The pattern is made for a standard figure and a B/C cup bust, but it’s a wrap dress, so you can tie it to make it fit your shape in the best way.

The measurements may differ from some industrial size tables. Therefore check the measurement charts in the product picture.

The length of the dress (measured from the back neckline to the hem) is 95,5 cm (37 5/8’’). If the hem of the dress is too long or too short, you can simply adjust the pattern. The width of the hem (measured on the back piece on the bottom) is 107-128 cm (42 1/8-50 3/8’’) - depending on size.

This dress has a centre back seam, it helps to adjust the fit. You can also cut the back piece on fold, just remove the CB seam allowance.  

This PDF pattern includes: 

-  Downloadable digital sewing pattern that you can print out on your regular home printer in A4/US letter format or A0 at a copy shop.  
- Printing and sewing guide with illustrations (in English and Finnish) 
- There are two options: a layered PDF file and a file with separated sizes* 
- You will get two pattern files for A4/US letter format - one with sizes 32-44 and another with sizes 44-56    
- Patterns in A4/Us letter format include seam allowance. In the A0 version all the sizes are layered with options available -  with or without seam allowances.

Number of pages to print:


sizes 32-44 28 pages (7 in row, 4 rows)
 sizes 44-56 30 pages (5 in row, 6 rows)

US letter:     

sizes 32-44 30 pages (5 in row, 6 rows)
sizes 44-56 36 pages (6 in row, 6 rows)

A0: 2 pages

*A layered PDF file means there are separated layers for every size and you can choose the size or the sizes that you want to print. The layers are a great option if you wish to print all or some of the sizes at the same time or you want to blend few sizes together. If you wish to print only a pattern in one size or you are opening the files on a mobile device, please select the option with separated sizes without layers. 

The PDF pattern is a downloadable digital sewing pattern that you can print out on your regular home printer on A4/US letter sheets. The PDF pattern you purchased will be emailed to you immediately after the purchase. The email includes z zip-file (.zip) with the patterns and a PDF with instructions. Save the file to your computer and open it using for example Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Please, print the patterns in the original size (100%) - more information in the printing guide. You can read the instructions on your device's screen. If you want to print the guide booklet as well, please set the print sizing to "Fit" to make sure everything is visible.

This product is non-refundable due to the digital nature of the item.