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How to sew period panties?

In this post I will show you how to sew your ecological period panties.

Check the previous post to learn more about printing and assembling of PDF patterns.

You can find the period panties pattern in VeNove store!

Cut out all the pattern pieces. Patterns include seam allowance. The main seam allowance is 7 mm - that's usually the width of the serger seam.  There is no seam allowance on center front and back (on fold-line). Seam allowance on leg holes and waist is zero. You may adjust the seam allowance according to your project.

You need three pattern pieces to make VeNove period panties: the front, the back and the gusset. 

Place your main fabric (jersey) on fold and cut out all three pattern pieces.

Find your Period panties gusset making kit in VeNove store!

The gusset will be made out of jersey and three other layers:

1. The moisture wicking layer


2. The absorbent layer


3. The waterproof layer

First baste the gusset layers together - the moisture wicking layer with the absorbent layer and the waterproof layer with the jersey gusset. 



You will have two gusset pieces:


Attach the gusset piece (with jersey) to the front and the back,



Now attach the other gusset piece to the back of the panties. The back piece will be between two gusset pieces.The seams will be hidden inside.

Now you will attach the second gusset piece to the front piece. Place the panties as on the picture below. You need to roll the back and front piece creting a "sandwitch". 

Place the Front in-between the two gusset layers at the front gusset seam, with the right side of the front facing the outer gusse. Sew all the layers at once. 

Turn over to the right side.

Baste all the gusset layers together (because this piece is quite thick).

Attach elastic to the leg holes. I am using elastic band, you can also use fold over elastic or elastic lace.


Sew together one of the side seams using a serger or elastic stiches. Secure the seam edges with a few stiches.

Measure the elastic band for the hip/waist line. Apply the elastic to the front and back of hip, starting at the open side seam and finishing at the open side seam.

Sew up the second side seam. Push your side seams to the back and use a small zig zag as a top stitch to secure them flat down.



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